I'm in a weird spot in my life. I feel incredibly compelled to build up a repository of my knowledge, ideas, musings, and random adventures, but I'm not interested in creating a blog for the sake of blogging. In my experience, it felt uncomfortably restricted. However, even though I'm going to attempt to go the route of straight old-school webdev, I'm not currently interested in making it beautiful with css hijinx, and best practices. Instead, you are going to experience the mind-numbing, creativity-crushing, blank canvas afforded by black text on a white background. Yes, it will look like a document.

Of course, I would be a fool to think that anything I say is of any importance to anyone. Really, anything I'm going to say can simply be googled or researched on wikipedia. What I'm aiming for is the ability to read through my prior writings and say "Wow! At some point in my life, I knew this." Obviously it would be fantastic if I still knew what I write about years down the road, but the pattern has been quite contrary. Will anyone enjoy my material? I doubt it. I don't want to be harsh here, but it's not for you. If you do get something out of it, that's great. It's just not my mission.

Oh, and viewer discretion advised. People have called me crazy in the past, and in many respects, it's probably true. Regardless, I need a corner of the web for myself even if I have nothing of substance to actually say. Hey, we called that the 90's. I guess I'm still stuck in time.

Ah, let me make something perfectly clear first. I am not an authority, nor an expert in anything I write about. In fact, I probably have a very rudimentary understanding of most, if not all, of the material I will analyze -- and that's the point. See, this material will also be a morphing, mutating, throbbing, juicy manifestation of the path of discovery into subjects that I find interesting. So, question everything read. Believe nothing at face value. Ultimately, learn it all for yourself. It's more fun.

Just to kind of get the ball rolling here, I'm going to briefly touch on everything that I am currently interested in. I expect much greater organization with links, and such in the future. For now, it's just a simple mind dump.


I plan to speak at great length about my God. I will cover biblical principles, the kingdom message, requirements of a Christian, and all manner of subjects that are guaranteed to grind the gears of even the most timid atheist. Trust me on this. This section will be for the believers. I'm not here to debate or argue the existence of God. Not only that, if you call yourself a Christian, I might piss you off too. We'll get into all of this grit much later though.


I have been programming for a considerable portion of my life. I can't exactly say that I started young, but I have never really stopped. Anyway, this is indeed a vast subject with a lot of material to cover.

Pixel Art

I have decided that I will begin spending a considerable amount of time on pixel art. I've always been held back by art assets with regards to the games I attempt to make, and I would like to take steps to remedy that. So, this section will just be a repository of that exploration.


Quite frankly, I am novice in the subject of mathematics. However, the degree that I am pursuing will shore this deficiency up in due time. Regardless, I find the subject to be incredibly fascinating, and I am eagerly looking forward to progressing in my comprehension of it.


I am in the same situation with chemistry as I am with mathematics. I don't know much. At any rate, this subject also fascinates me greatly. I will not be exploring this subject as deeply as I will be with mathematics from an academic standpoint, but this is one of those subjects that I am pretty sure I will simply keep learning about. It's quite amazing stuff.


This is more of a hope-to-know-someday subject. It isn't in the path of my degree, but I've dabbled a little bit with it, and I plan to get serious about it soon from a self-taught perspective.


I recently started getting into harmonica, so I can currently offer nothing of particular interest. Instead, I think I will chart progress and such.


I also want to have a section where I can talk about various media, and how it impacts me. I will probably write reviews of movies and music that I experience.


Well, I suppose you can call it conspiracy.


Anything and everything else that comes up can go here where it will sit under ice until I can think of a good home for it.

So, that's my plan. Everything is in flux, and subject to change. Thanks for reading.